Richard Dawkins ridiculed on Twitter for baffling question about spiders and lions

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Former Oxford College Professor, Richard Dawkins, has sparked ridicule by hypothetically asking why Lions don’t weave nets to catch prey on the plains of Africa.

The 79-year-old mind field was slammed by followers who expressed disbelief when he requested why lions and spiders don’t obtain extra press consideration for doing merely what nature meant.

Taking to Twitter on Monday, Prof Dawkins threw a proverbial cat among the many pigeons when he allowed his thoughts to spew out some ramblings by means of his thumbs.

However his musings provoked a close to livid response type his 2.9 million followers as they accused him of posing ridiculous questions.

Richard Dawkins sparked ridicule on Twitter as he questioned why lions do not weave nets

Prof Dawkins tweeted: “If lions had been found weaving antelope-catching nets ten lion-lengths vast, it will be headline information.

“But spiders weave intricate insect-catching nets vastly greater than themselves, and we deal with it as commonplace. What’s the distinction?”

Seemingly fascinated with the skills of arachnids, he continued: “Spider webs appear exceptional as a result of they contain externally seen behaviour.

The biologist’s tweet gained a variety of consideration for all of the mistaken causes

“However is web-weaving actually any extra exceptional than the unseen weaving of cells in embryology?

“Net-weaving is Prolonged Phenotype embryology: simply one other superb route by which DNA weaves phenotypes.”

Whether or not he was attempting to spark some sort of scientific debate turned irrelevant when followers lampooned his musings.

One follower mockingly replied: “if spiders began roaring and devouring gazelles it will be headline information. but lions do that day-after-day and obtain no press protection.”

And one other wrote: “I feel we deal with spider webs as commonplace as a result of they’re commonplace, and that the antelope-catching nets can be information as a result of they’d be new.”

Many followers appeared really astonished that one of many biggest minds in fashionable British schooling might be so fascinated with one thing so easy.

Spider webs are used as festive decorations in the Ukraine
Some followers questioned if Mr Dawkins had solely simply found spiders exist

One tweeted again: “Yeah if lions immediately developed prey-catching device diversifications that may be fairly monumental. Did you simply uncover spiders?”

And one other mocked him, writing: “Sure an animal that does one thing utterly novel and in contrast to something we have beforehand seen them do turns into headline information. Nice statement Richard.”

Prof Dawkins was the College of Oxford’s Professor for Public Understanding of Science from 1995 till 2008.

A daily on TV science programmes, he first caught the general public’s consideration together with his his 1976 guide The Egocentric Gene.

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